Functional Practices

Our functional practices are led by Boyden senior professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors.  Critical to our success is our culture of information sharing, cooperation, and development and adoption of the latest strategies, processes and technologies that will improve the performance of all our professionals.

  • Digital
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Private Equity
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

    Boyden interim management

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    Are you looking for a high-calibre senior executive for a short-term appointment? Boyden Interim Management can help you find the short-term, flexible, executive talent you require.



    Sean Arnold
    (T): +44 0203.781.7482

    Simon Bailey
    (T): +44 0203.781.7483

    John Burr
    (T): +44 0203.781.7449

    Tim Clouting
    (T): +44 0203.781.7484

    John Ellis
    (T): +44 0203.781.7482

    Lisa Gerhardt
    (T): +44 0203.781.7456

    Cathy Holley
    (T): +44 0203.781.7433

    Victoria Maxwell Davies
    (T): +44 0203.781.7486

    George Nice
    (T): + 44 0203.781.7443

    Phil Peters
    (T): +44 0203.781.7463


    Kimberley Tiley
    (T): +44 (0) 7502.405.366