At Boyden, we run an annual programme of industry specific networking events for our clients that range from business breakfasts and lunches to wine tastings and dinners with carefully chosen thought leaders from relevant industries

Boyden's leadership position in executive search is due, in part, to our expertise in each industry we serve. One way we stay on the cutting edge is by using our network to organise and host events that explore the issues facing our clients and partners every day. Below is a list of some of our more recent events:

21-01-14 – Dinner for Airline CIOs

23-01-14 – CIO Dinner with Mark Zawacki, Silicon Valley industry expert from 650 Labs

03-04-14 – Pharmaceutical Industry Board Dinner

19-03-14 – Energy, Power and Utilities Board Dinner

25-03-14 – Transportation and Infrastructure Board Dinner

26-03-14 – FS Business Breakfast with Ashley Harshak of Booz and Co

26-03-14 – Telecoms Business Breakfast with Carl Murdock-Smith of JP Morgan

17-06-14 – CIO Business Breakfast with Pascal Matzke of Forrester Research

25-06-14 – Dinner for senior CIOs with John Ellis on the topic of becoming an NED

For more information, please contact Claire Halliden, Marketing and Events Coordinator.

Phone: +44 (0)207 389 3857

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