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Founded in 1946, Boyden global executive search was the first to focus entirely on retained executive search, and continues to be a leader in the executive search industry. We are a "global community" of more than 65 offices in over 40 countries, staffed by managers with an intimate understanding of the nuances of their particular markets. Local knowledge, combined with global perspective, gives Boyden a unique strength when supporting clients in the global economy.

The Boyden approach to conducting searches is unified throughout the organisation, enhanced by the added resources that come with proprietary local knowledge. The search professionals at Boyden UK executive search are a very experienced and committed group of consultants, having worked with both large multinationals and local firms, in a variety of industries including but not limited to financial services, global technology, life sciences, consumer products and industrial organisations. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the specific areas of expertise these professionals may offer you.

Boyden interim management

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Are you looking for a high-calibre senior executive for a short-term appointment? Boyden Interim Management can help you find the short-term, flexible, executive talent you require.



Sean Arnold
(T): +44 0203 781 7482

Simon Bailey
(T): +44 0203 781 7483

John Burr
(T): +44 0203 781 7449

Tim Clouting
(T): +44 0203 781 7484

John Ellis
(T): +44 0 203 781 7425

Lisa Gerhardt
(T): +44 (0) 203 781 7456

Cathy Holley
(T): +44 0203 781 7433

Victoria Maxwell Davies
(T): +44 0203 781 7486

George Nice
(T): + 44 0203 781 7443

Phil Peters
(T): +44 0203 781 7463