At Boyden, we run an annual programme of industry specific networking events for our clients that range from business breakfasts and lunches to wine tastings and dinners with carefully chosen thought leaders from relevant industries

Boyden's leadership position in executive search is due, in part, to our expertise in each industry we serve. One way we stay on the cutting edge is by using our network to organise and host events that explore the issues facing our clients and partners every day. Below is a list of some of our more recent events:

12-09-12 – Breakfast for CIO’s with Mark Raskino, Gartner

04-10-12 – Breakfast for senior HR executives with Dominic Mahony, Lane 4

18-10-12 – Dinner for CFO’s with Ian Stewart, Deloitte

18-10-12 – Dinner for CIO’s with Catherine, Royal Mail

19-10-12 – Breakfast for senior Telecoms executives with Brian McBride, Non-executive Director, various

21-11-12 – Dinner for FTSE Group HR Directors with Stephen Cahill, Deloitte

26-11-12 – Dinner and wine tasting for chairmen and chief executives within the Oil and Gas sector

07-02-13 – Dinner for CIO’s with Gerry Pennell, formerly of LOCOG

14-02-13 – Breakfast for senior executives within the retail sector with Bill Grimsey

06-03-13 – Dinner for CFO’s with Andrew Allner, non-executive director, various

For more information, please contact Toby Davies, Head of Marketing and Events.

Phone: +44 (0) 207.389.9776

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